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Enlarged picture of Celtic repousse boss
Celtic Boss Fragment

Reconstruction of Celtic Boss
by Carin Perron

Reconstruction of celtic boss based on fragment
Key showing drawing tones related to depth
Key: light tones are high relief, dark tones are low relief

The reconstruction of the Celtic boss is based on the design of the fragment. Interestingly, it is the small, pointed piece of the fragment shown at the bottom of the photograph that is most revealing. This gives the size, shape, and angle of the lines going to the rest of the design, which naturally lead to a mirror image of the design on the fragment. This is a typical pattern in Celtic design.

To simplify perception of the repoussé, the drawing tones are used schematically: black is closest to the background, and white is the highest point, with tones becoming lighter as the relief becomes higher, and darker as it becomes lower. This is a method of representing dimensionality traditionally used in drapery studies, where the ideal is to enable a sculptor to reproduce the drapery in three dimensions without confusion.