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This group is simply defined by the interior beaded line of the pony's tail. The chronology, although uncertain, is as follows:




(83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88)

Chronology of Group N Coins

On the obverse of Coin 83, the truncation of the neck is beaded, and the back of the neck is defined by two lines that descend as hairs from the head. There are three whisks; the front whisk nearly touches the forehead. The forelock points downward, and consists of a narrow S-shaped solid with a floating outline. The lips consist of two beads.

On the reverse of Coin 83, the two beaded lines around the driver meet at the curl. The beads of each of the emblems appear to be connected by crossed bars.

The obverse of Coin 84 differs from the previous coin by the use of a single line for the back of the neck. The front whisk starts in front of the first hair. The S-shaped forelock, in the usual upright position, is reinforced on the lower half by two curved lines.

The reverse of Coin 84 has the lower beaded line meeting the upper one in the usual position above the curl. The lines connecting the beads of the upper emblem are shaped like a plus sign, but the lines of the lower emblem have the horizontal superimposed on the vertical. There is a small vertical line in front of the boar's bristles.

The obverse of Coin 85 again has two lines for the back of the neck, and the truncation is now a solid line. The forelock consists of an S-shape that is larger at the lower curve, and a small curved line runs from the lower terminal of the S to the middle. A crescent fills the void thus created.

The reverse of Coin 85 is similar to the previous coin, although the configurations of the lines in the emblems appear reversed, with the superimposed lines being on the upper emblem. The small line in front of the boar's bristles is omitted.

The obverse of Coin 86 is similar to that of Coin 84, but it has a solid line for the truncation, and the extra hair between the ear-spiral and the back of the neck.

The reverse is the same as Coin 85.

The obverse of Coin 87 is similar to that of Coin 85, but with a single hair forming the back of the neck.

The reverse has only a horizontal line connecting two of the beads of the lower emblem. The configuration of the upper emblem is unclear. In all other respects, it resembles the previous two coins.

The obverse of Coin 88 is similar to the previous coin, but the lower line of the nose and the two beads of the mouth are set forward, giving an odd expression to the face.

The reverse resembles that of coin 85, although the configurations of the lines in the upper emblem are unclear.

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