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01. Note that the reins are always below the pony's head. Anything else is not a rein, and might be a lash above the pony.

02. The only other option on these coins is a boar symbol. These symbols vary but might look either like this: or like this:

03. No other driver looks like this, a little like a tennis racket about to hit a ball. The closest other driver is: and he resembles a fan.

04. The defining feature is that there is no other line forming a base for the nose where the nostrils would be. One die has a very small spike issuing from the bead and pointing back, but this is the only exception discovered so far.. Various sorts of decoration might be found attached to the top of the nose.

05. There may be a line through the pupil. The only other eye that can sometimes bear a resemblance to this appears on coins previously eliminated by the system - ah! the joys of non-hierarchical expert systems!

06.The other tail has the beaded lines forming the perimeter, and a solid line inside the tail.

07. Both lines meet at the pony's mouth. Nothing hangs from either rein.

08.(Not used)

09. The other alternative is a simple curl with no leaf. A curl with one leaf has yet to be discovered and might not exist in this context.

10.The 'tail' of the driver is depicted here with both curl and leaf. Some have just the curl. If the driver is missing from the coin you will not be able to identify the coin any further than by Class without my book, but until this is available e-mail me with a picture, and I will identify it for you.

11. Make sure that the line is intentional, sometimes a die flaw can look like a line at first. It should be horizontal and visible on both sides of the pupil. If you are not sure, it is safer to assume that there is no line. Many more eyes do not have this line than those that do.

12.(Not used)

13. This 'wishbone shape' is an actual raised relief line. It is not an empty space or a depression so shaped.

14. The body should be some version of a curved triangle, and not:

15. No other pony's head looks like this, but the head may be proportioned differently or it might be more bowed.

16. This small head might vary somewhat in style in other groups, but not here. It is only the presence or absence of the head that we are concerned with. The attached lash is of various designs. The head always has its nose up!

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