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The Brittany hoards and distribution patterns
The old classification systems were constructed with a distrust of art-historical analysis. In trying to limit subjectivity by using only 'obvious' differences, the cataloguers fell into what they most feared and constructed a classification system that confused geographical and temporal factors. This almost obliterated any trace of the distribution patterns of these coins. Can you see the hidden patterns?

Merdrignac (502)
Penguilly (86)
Roz-Landrieux (89)
Trebry:0.3/23.1/34.3/24.9/17.0/0.4 Trébry (1756)
These are the largest Brittany hoards in alphabetical order. After each name is the number of coins in the hoard. All of the hoards are internally arranged in the supposed chronological order:

Classes: VI - V - IV - I - I I I - I I

You will notice that the bars for Class VI are not in scale with the rest of the bars, this is because the percentages are so small that they could not be represented. Examine the charts carefully, if you have already studied the contents of these web pages then you might know the answer already. If you have not, then it could be difficult. You are already ahead of previous studies, because you know that there is something hidden, and an answer to be found!

Your first question is:

What distribution patterns are there in these four hoards?

Four They all show different patterns Three Two are similar, the other two are different Two One is different, the other three are the same Two There are two sets of two each One They are essentially the same