Carin Perron: Poems & Prose
The Spider

She is an actress, marvellous with gestures

I've seen her coming out of the Mens,
unabashed and prosaic
shrugging one shoulder, vitreous white
and careless with freckles

Boredom excites her; she hungers for nothingness,
savours it slowly, like stale wine

Urgent and bare
as a fortress of fashion
she wears brash young men, interchangeably—
like earrings

I've seen her through cruel bus windows:
a blue silhouette on silver reflections,
her hair a poised spider
rigid as snow

Her eyes are savage with brooding,
her mouth stained with courage—
or lipstick—half-gone.
Her frailness, oppressive as glass,

is too stark to be wrong.

© 1986, Carin Perron

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