Carin Perron: Poems & Prose
The Man in the Suit
A Mad Moment of Manwatching

I wrote this poem in 1981 or '82, after coming out of a department store, only to see this man who was totally out of place. The looseness and sureness of his walk, his lightness of manner, was totally at odds with the kind of movement normally seen in a suit. He walked as though totally unrestricted by anything, physical or moral. I was so fascinated, I followed him, not knowing what I expected to see.

True enough, I did walk by some construction workers, who were totally nonplussed to see a woman watching a man the way they watched women. They didn't know what to say. I'm glad no one caught me in this short moment of lunacy, but I was determined not to lose him. He did, of course, eventually lose me, though with all the crowds on the street, I doubt he ever saw me: I didn't see him look back. It was such a perfect experience I felt it needed celebrating in verse. This is a poem I find a lot of people like: it seems to appeal to different things in people.
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