When you want to make it move without losing quality -- or your audience.

Newest Morph! Animated morph sequence showing the development of a Celtic stater of the Parisii from its Greek prototype, a Macedonian stater of Phillip II.

Animated JPEG morph sequence showing the changing image of Athena on the coins of Athens from the 6th-2nd Century B.C.

Making it Move with Quiet Elegance

Have you ever noticed how annoying most web animation is? It takes forever to load, hogs prime space on the web page, and detracts from the content. And, far too often, it gives a carnival atmosphere. We believe there's no reason to give up the dignity and elegance of your site, just because you want to have motion on your page.

Wouldn't you prefer that everyone coming to your site see your animation, without needing a plug-in, high-speed connection, or state-of-the-art computer?

Using our combined background in animation, drawing, painting, and design -- and, of course, web design and image optimization -- we can create a web animation for you that looks better than you are used to seeing, for a fraction of the file size. The animation running above, for example, is about 62K, yet looks like a file that would be much, much larger.

You can have an animation like the one on this page, morphing between images you supply, for only $100 (U.S) per second of running time. If you prefer us to create your initial images, we will do this for $100 (U.S.) per hour.

To find out more about how we can help you with your web animation needs, contact us at writer@writer2001.com.