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Enlarged photo of celtic spindle whorl
Celtic Spindle Whorl
top photo shows side A from diagrams, bottom photo shows side B.

Drawings of Celtic Spindle Whorl
by Carin Perron

Detail of designs on celtic spindle whorl, drawing by Carin Perron
Designs on both faces of Celtic spindle whorl

Side view of celtic spindle-whorl showing its flying-saucer shape
Cross-section of spindle whorl

The drawing on the bottom right is a side view, clearly showing the spindle whorl's shape. The top right drawing shows the design on the two halves of the spindle whorl, top and bottom, as though laid out on flat strips. Compare the photos to the diagrams to get an overview of the designs. The vertical lines on both ends indicate where the designs meet, and the designs outside these lines are the same, indicating the overlap. Like maps, which represent the spherical world as though it were flat, these strips cause some distortion, but show the entire design better than can be seen on the original surfaces.