Carin Perron, a Miscellany of Pages - animated sandstorm fade-in

A bit about myself, especially regarding art, writing, animation, and living with cancer, in My Bio.
Poems I have previously published or won prizes for. Current Essay:
"If only I had a..."
Samples of Portraits I have done.
Colour Theory & Practice, eventually to include various perspectives: perception, physics, light, measurement, pigments, optical effects, psychology, colour-related toys and experiments...and any other angle I can find! Topics in Animation:
I am building up a reference of practical principles of animation, and an index of animators and their films. I also have details of my animated film-in-progress, Chiaroscuro.
Family Home Page: linking to John Hooker's book, Celtic Improvisations, also his Coriosolite Expert System, with articles on Celtic mythology, design, and the science behind the study; Hooker & Perron Books and business pages; and our interdisciplinary e-zine, Pan.