Carin Perron: Topics in Animation

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Principles of Animation, an overview of animation basics, including the perceptual basis of the illusion of movement. Now, with new insight into that faery concept, "Persistence of Vision." Hint: 'taint necessarily so. The Pinscreen in the Era of the Digital Image by Pedro Faria Lopes, describing traditional pinscreen techniques, and introducing an exciting new extended computer model to simulate the pinscreen, including colour and time extensions. "What's Wrong with your Web Animations?": A perennially-needed corrective to the continuing glut of flashy, bad web animation.

Media & Techniques in Animation, animation setups, techniques, and effects (in construction).
Chiaroscuro: details of my animated film-in-progress, with some images from the working storyboard (these are not the finished drawings!). List of Animators, an alphabetical listing (still in progress) of animators with links to their bios and films. Links to other Animation-related sites.