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Celtic Improvisations:
The Book

Welcome to the
Coriosolite Expert System.

The Coriosolites were one of several tribes in Brittany who issued a large number of coins at the time of Caesar's campaigns in Gaul. This region was known as "Armorica" (ar mor = by the sea.) Armorican coins exhibit a high expression of the Celtic art of the time. Although tempered by the need to render representational images, they exhibit great diversity in design and symbolism.

The reverse side of a Coriosolite coin

Explore a little!

While the expert system is the focus, there is much more to do and see here.

  • Find out why current classification methods are flawed and what can be done about it.
  • Learn about more efficient ways to decipher Celtic symbols.
  • Enter the minds of individual ancient artists and discover what they were thinking.
  • See how syncretism works and how beliefs are connected through time and space.
  • Discover the N E W art-historical analysis!
Map of study area with main hoards and tribal areas marked

The above is a map of the study area with the most important hoard locations marked.

An expert system is a simple form of artificial intelligence. If you have Coriosolite coins, you will be able to catalogue them in record speed. If you do not have access to any real coins, I will give you some "virtual" coins that you can print off or view.

drawing of the head on a Coriosolite coin

The real coins weigh about 6.5 grams, and are about 23 mm. in diameter. They are made of billon: an alloy of copper with a smaller amount of silver.

Your journey starts here Bon Voyage!