The Big Picture

Coriosolite Expert System
Carrie's Pages - Colour, Animation.

"The Cache of Gaulish Coins": Major N. V. L. Rybot's 1935 account of the discovery of the "La Marquanderie Hoard" of Coriosolite Coins. Celtic Improvisations
An art-historical analysis of Coriosolite coins. This exhaustive book was more than ten years in the making. The on-line version now includes all of the chapters in the book.
Boring Scientific Stuff
Well - not really, but it gets a little heavy here and there. Links to articles of interest to numismatists, art historians and archaeologists. Half of the picture.

Symbols and Myths
Celtic Iconography, Celtic and Classical Myths, Syncretism and more. The other half of the picture.
The Scope of the Study
From: Celtic Improvisations,
An art-historical analysis of Coriosolite coins.

I need coins to test the system
Drawn die reconstructions or actual photographs
Entrance to the Coriosolite Expert System