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Web tools
(Mainly Freeware)

Inetia.com's Eyedropper
The best little colour tool we've ever seen! Kindly provided to the world as freeware, the Eyedropper enables you to sample the colour of any pixel on any page, and display either its RGB or Hex numbers. Ideal for web pages, but also indispensible for any graphic work where exact colour matching is needed.

Coffee Cup FreeFTP
CuteFTP, run for the hills! This freeware FTP program has all the ease of the better-known shareware product, including the ability to save different FTP locations. The drag-and-drop interface is simple to use. If you want to upgrade to the shareware product, DirectFTP, you can also get the ability to edit pages and view images directly on the server.

ToniArts EasyHtml
Another freeware program, EasyHtml is a good text editor with colour display of various kinds of tags, but it also contains a number of tools, including its own web viewer.

Download Accelerator Plus
Nothing beats Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) for downloading software from the web! Not only does it speed up your download time, but it supports "resuming" downloads, so you don't lose everything if your connection times out. DAP looks for mirror sites, and finds the fastest connection, and gets the file from several places simulataneously. This is also freeware, or, technically, adware, since the download window has banner ads.

AVG Anti-Virus Software
My favorite anti-virus software! I like it better than Norton or McAffee Anti-Virus. Unlike these, AVG automatically checks incoming and outgoing email for viruses, so nothing bad can get in or out (and you don't need to do any special setup). This baby saved us when everyone's computer was sending Sircam to us night and day! And, AVG will do the usual screening of your system for viruses. A must have. Freeware, though there is an enhanced paid version. AVG freely supports contant updates, and they will email you with warnings, and notify you of new updates.

Pop-Up Menu Maker
This handy little freeware program is perfect for creating a navigation system for your website! You can do anything in the free version but revise saved files and do custom design, but you have a good range of colour and font choices. It's only $20 U.S. for the paid version, unless you're a webmaster of more than one site, in which case it's $90 U.S., and you can't sell the service to your clients: it must be an included freebie in your arsenal. More than fair!

Multi Search & Replace
Amazingly, this program is freeware! It's full name is Simplexity Software Multi Search and Replace v2.0.0, by Thomas J. Mutaffis. With it, you can globally search through your web pages for text you need to replace, and replace it with the new text, all at the same time, without need to open and edit your files! A must for anyone with many web pages on their site.

Coin Sites

The Celtic Coin Index Online
We are proud to have designed and built the Celtic Coin Index Online, which now contains the records of all reported finds of British Celtic coins from the start of the Index in 1961, right up to 2001. This means you can search through 28,000 records of individual Celtic coin specimens -- an amazingly rich resource! Our custom-built search engine enables you to look for any term you are interested in, as well as to search the extensive bibliography of publications on Celtic coins.

The original Celtic Coin Index card and photo files, begun in 1960 by Derek Allen and Sheppard Frere, are now housed at the Institute of Archaeology at Oxford, and currently maintained by Dr. Philip de Jersey. The Celtic Coin Index Online is an important site and a first for the Internet. The free access of archaeological images is vital for research, and the CCI Online is leading the way.

Calgary Coin Gallery
The best commercial coin site on the web -- the difference? informative content as well as a large stock. Ancient to modern coins. Be sure to check out the ever growing on line reference for Chinese coins. Buy with confidence -- Calgary Coin Gallery has our official seal of approval!

Bill Blank's Celtic Studies & Numismatics
An excellent resource for information on Celtic coins, with related information on Celtic culture and mythology, based on the coin evidence.

Symbolic Messengers of Medieval Man
Dr. Marshall Faintich is a contributor to our first issue of Pan magazine. His site has details of his new book on the use of astronomical symbols on medieval coins. Well worth visiting.

Special Interest

Carnival Diablo
Haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing the current incarnation of this ever-evolving Sideshow, but I've seen the Master of the Show at work over the years, and know him to be like a character who just stepped out of a Robertson Davies novel. Any show of his I've ever seen has been well outside the usual. Take a look and decide for yourself!

The Dead Media Project
When we first heard of this project, it was in 1997, and we were fascinated by the idea of cataloguing all the media that died after a fruitful life, or were, for one reason or another, stillborn -- everything from Astrolabes to carrier pigeons. Carin found the archived email in 2001, and through much sleuthing, finding links to various sites, we've finally found the original, which, thankfully, is not dead. As an aside, there is also a website devoted to the works of the Dead Media Project's founder, Bruce Sterling.

Animation World Network
Animation World Network is a huge site containing an e-zine, Animation World Magazine, Career Connection, an animation gallery, and a virtual village of many interesting subsites of "animation companies, galleries, festivals, schools, non-profit organizations, unions and individuals around the globe". Worth checking out.

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