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John Hooker's exhaustive ten-year study of the coins of these ancient Celts uses the development of the art as the major theme. Celtic Improvisations: An Art Historical Analysis of Coriosolite coins provides a snapshot of this Armorican tribe around the time of Caesar’s invasion of Gaul. Preview the full text of the book on this site. Publisher: Archaeopress, British Archaeological Reports series.

Hooker and Perron Books Books and reviews on Celtic Studies, colour theory & writing.
Now with records and images to 2001!
The Celtic Coin Index Online has all records of British Celtic coins from the start of the index, in 1961, through to 2001. This means you now have access to 28,000 records and images of individual Celtic coin specimens! Using our
Arethusa database in development, we have built the Internet version of the Celtic Coin Index, begun by D. F. Allen and Prof. S. Frere in 1960. The Index was originally a photographic card catalogue of Celtic coins found in Britain. The original Index is now housed at the Oxford Institute of Archaeology.

The Pinscreen in the Era of the Digital Image, a paper by Pedro Faria Lopes, regarding software that replicates the effects of pinscreen animation.
StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award

Coriosolite Expert System
Identify real or virtual coins and discover the ancient Celts through their art & myths.
Pan Magazine Pan magazine Interdisciplinary
aspects of art &
antiquity, with a virtual museum of unpublished items.

Newest Morph!
Animated morph sequence showing the development of a Celtic stater from its Greek prototype.
Useful and less-common web sites on archaeology, coins, web design and software, and other things relating to our site. OK for kids.
Eye Candy! Animated JPEG morph sequence showing the changing image of Athena on the coins of Athens from the 6th-2nd Century B.C.

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